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Welcome to AKS Radio and feel the adrenaline rush. AKS (Articulated Knowledge Streaming) Radio is the representation of youth, enthusiasm and passion. Yes, it has low capital, but it has great vision. AKS Radio knows the need of the hour and addresses it brilliantly by providing the information and entertainment to its listeners.

Our Vision is to become information hub. It gives value to the music and feels music is the way to touch the hearts. We at AKS Radio try to lift the morale of the nation by every possible mean that include patriotic songs, comedy, technology sports. We don’t want people to be in their little cocoons, we want to rise as natio

They say “communication breaks down all complicated barriers”, they say and we believe. We conduct cross cultural shows to break down the barriers between countries and cities. It’s the love and peace we believe in.

Schedule For 08/12/2016 in Pakistan STD TIME (PST)
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AkS Radio
Events are always very imperative in bringing people together.

AKS Radio always cashes in big occasions like Women Day, National Days, World Environmental Day, Tobacco Day, World Space Week, Spring Festivals, Friendship Day, Valentine Day, Halloween Night, Christmas, Religion Days, EID festivals, New Year Night etc.

Keep visiting for upcoming details on AkS Radio.
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